Who receives my mail and packages and how will I know when they have arrived?

The professional staff at our Ship Rite mailbox and shipping store will receive your mail and packages.   All mail is securely stored and has 24 hours surveillance and security.  We notify you immediately through the easy to use app on your smart phone or table once mail and packages arrive.

Can I pay monthly or do I have to pre-pay?

You can pay monthly with us!  We don't force you to lock in for long periods of time.   Simply fill out the monthly credit card form on the FORMS page and we will automatically charge the monthly fee to your credit card.  No hassles, easy to pay and no long term contracts to get the lowest rate!

How many people can share a mailbox?

We offer an unlimited number of names and people per mailbox.  However, just remember that all names on the mailbox will have access to all the mail that arrives in your mailbox.

How quickly can I start?

You can start your digital mailbox as soon as you have your paperwork completed! Check out our FORMS page to see the list of what is required.  You can come down to the store to fill out the paperwork with  us, or you can follow the instructions on the FORMS page to send us what we need.  As soon as we have the required paperwork, we can begin!

What will my address look like?

Your address will look like a "real" address.  No PO Box in the address.  This helps to make your address appear more professional, and also allows companies who will not ship to a PO Box to ship or mail anything to you at your secure mailbox location.

Who uses digital mailboxes?

Our customers use digital mailboxes for many different reasons.  People who move often, people who are away for weeks or months at a time, small business owners who do not wish to use their home as their address, people who receive packages but do not want them left outside, people who value privacy and security.